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911 Help Family SMS Emergency ICE

Do you have an elderly parent or relative? This app automatically and simultaneously texts multiple family members while making a 911 phone call. It even works if a phone doesn’t have good cell signal but has good wi-fi connection. It also provides roadside assistance if a user is stranded on the highway, providing maps, nearby towing services, car rentals, etc.
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123 CPR

This app provides audible and visual directions to help deliver chest compressions and ventilation in accordance with American Heart Association Guidelines. There is not a substitute for learning CPR and it is strongly recommended that you take a CPR course. This is only meant to further aid you in preforming the proper CPR techinique.
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Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association

This app provides Pocket First Aid & CPR to the general public. All content is provided by the American Heart Association. You may have heard the story of this app saving a life in Haiti (as seen on CNN, NBC, Fox, etc.). Dan Woolley survived 65 hours under rubble thanks to this application. (This is not a replacement for taking a CPR course.)
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The PoisonHelp app is a great public health and disaster preparedness tool that is available for both the general public and health care providers. Not only does the PoisonHelp app provide easy access to a local Poison Control Center for poison information or emergency assistance, but it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the United States (US).
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Emergency Radio Free

This app is the original award-winning police scanner app offering the most extensive database of live police, fire, EMS, railroad, air traffic, train, NOAA weather, coast guard, HAM radio, and other frequencies. Tune in to everything from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to the New York Fire Department (FDNY).
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This app contains preparedness information for different types of disasters, an interactive checklist for emergency kits, a section to plan emergency meeting locations, information on how to stay safe and recover after a disaster, a map with FEMA Disaster Recovery Center locations and Shelters, ways the public can get involved before and after disasters, etc.
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Hurricane by American Red Cross

This app helps you to prepare for severe wheather. It helps you to monitor conditions in your area or throughout the storm track, prepare your family and home, and find help and let others know you are safe.
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