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Orland Fire District has implemented a relatively new technology. Power-LOAD is an automatic patient loading and unloading system developed by STRYKER for ambulances. This system operates at the touch of a button and therefore considerably reduces the risk of injury to paramedics. The Power-LOAD System has been developed systematically in accordance with the guiding principle of reducing injuries and is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Orland Fire District’s worker’s comp carrier, Illinois County Risk Management Trust (ICRMT), agrees that this technology may potentially save the Fire District thousands of dollars in lost work time and medical bills that result in injuries from lifting and moving patients. For that reason they have awarded the Orland Fire District a $10,000 grant to be used for the purchase of Power-LOAD, which has been installed in the replacement ambulance purchased by Orland Fire District recently and will be installed in replacement ambulances moving forward.