June Awards Night

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Orland Fire Protection District held an Awards Night to present Years of Service Awards and Unit Commendations. The District celebrates an employee’s milestone anniversary (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.) with a pin and a certificate thanking the employee for their dedication and service. The Unit Commendation Award is awarded to each member who performed within a unit which exhibited exceptional professional skill and conduct during a coordinated action. Chief Schofield and the Command Staff presented the awards.

Art Miller from the American Heart Association was in attendance to present the Orland Fire Protection District with the American Heart Association’s 2016 Mission: Lifeline Bronze EMS Achievement Award recognizing the Orland Fire Protection District for demonstrating continued success in using the Mission Lifeline EMS Program, and providing the most evidence-based treatment guidelines to improve patient care and outcomes in the Community we serve.

Mission: Lifeline is an American Heart Association initiative to improve the care for the deadliest type of heart attack, known as a STEMI (ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction). About 250,000 Americans have this kind of heart attack every year, but few receive the treatment that’s critical to restoring blood flow. Mission: Lifeline focuses on a system of care that ranges from EMS providers to cardiologists, emphasizing patient care that’s quick and top quality.

This is the 3rd year the Orland Fire Protection District has received this award.

Thanks to all who attended!