Hazardous Materials

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The Orland Fire Protection District’s Hazardous Materials Team (Haz Mat) consists of 21 trained firefighter who are responsible for investigations involving hazardous materials calls. All Fire District firefighter are trained to respond to these calls, however; members of the Haz Mat Team are trained to a technician level as set by law. This team works in conjunction with federal, state, and local agencies including USEPA, Illinois EPA, Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, Cook County Sheriffs Police Bomb Squad, and local Public Works in order to properly handle the special needs of this type of call.

The Fire District conducts training with local rail road and pipeline companies to ensure that all members have hands on experience. This training uses props to ensure a proper response to leaks, spills, and fires of hazardous materials. Many members have also participated in federal training programs offered locally and around the country.

The Orland Fire Protection District is a part of MABAS 19 and is supplied with more skilled equipment and technicians in case of complicated hazardous materials calls. Nine of the Fire District’s Hazardous Material Team members are also members of the Southwest Hazardous Materials Response Team, MABAS 22.

For more information on hazardous materials (including household waste), contact USEPA, IL EPA, or FEMA.

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