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Our mission for a “Dementia Friendly Orland Park” is to raise awareness, dignity, and respect in addition to enriching the lives of those living with this disease in our community.  We are committed to providing a welcoming and encouraging environment along with social engagements, educational events, and ongoing support to our residents.

“Orland Park: A dignified, Respectful, Dementia Friendly, place to live.”

Through initial collaboration efforts between Orland Fire Protection District and Aishling Companion Home Care, the Dementia Friendly Orland Park began.  In further discussion with the Fire Chief, Betsy Dine, Aishling Companion Home Care, Senator Bill Cunningham, and Representative Fran Hurley, Dementia Friendly Orland Park Resolution was created.

Our mission for Dementia Friendly Orland Park is to incorporate educational events for our residents, in addition to our First Responders being Certified First Responders Dementia Trained (CFRDT).  Implementation of support groups and outreach to residents will be available.  Currently, these programs and many others are being set up.  Details regarding these events will be coming in the Spring of 2021.

In October 2019, we began our initial application status to becoming an official Dementia Friendly America Village.  In June of 2020, we gained that status!

A Task Force has been assembled incorporating any businesses and government agencies.  It is the goal of the Task Force to create a more person-centered Dementia Friendly Village where our residents struggling with this disease will be welcomed entering our places of business.  It is our intention to educate on dementia and reduce the stigma that surrounds this disease.

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During our initial talks and meetings, our overarching goal was for the safety of our residents with dementia.  It was communicated through our first responders that more information is required upfront when responding to 9-1-1 calls.  And for that reason, we have compiled this form so our first responders can approach our resident homes differently.  We encourage any/all families with a loved one living with a form of dementia to complete this form.

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If you prefer, these forms can be obtained at the Orland Fire Protection District Administration Building at 9790 W. 151st Street between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

*Disclaimer:  Currently, this information is not shared between government agencies. 

(Talk to the Chief to see if or how we can share that form with the Police?)

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  5. Fundraiser: 5013C   (Can we use our current non for Profit status that we currently have?  If people are looking to donate money, we can use it for printing, support groups, luncheons, etc.
  6. A 1-800-272-3900 (or an emergency number) that people can call 24/7 as a support group hotline?
  7. Newsletters/Blogs (Once a month we will have a newsletter that people can link to and read) (we need a format that we can follow)
  8. A quarterly newsletter sent through Senator Cunningham’s office. He said he would send it out quarterly. 
    1. Does he want us to provide the newsletter and he can add to it?
    2. Does he want to come up with his own content? Format?
    3. Snail-mail (does he have addresses or emails we can use)
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                    O- OBSERVE THE WHOLE PERSON


                    L- LOOK ME DIRECTLY INTO MY EYES

                    A-ACKNOWLEDGE ME AND MY NEEDS

                    N- NURTURE, MAKE ME FEEL WELCOME

                    D- DIGNITY- DO NOT PATRONIZE ME

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