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Citizen Assist Information


Any resident who needs help should call 9-1-1 and the dispatcher will determine the needed response. This would be the same whether the patient was suffering from a serious injury or illness or just needed help up the stairs or from the residence to the car. Resident assistance is a provided service and of course is not billed to residents but recorded as “citizen assist.” We understand that needs can change based on medical conditions, circumstances, finances, etc., and if more regular or frequent help is needed our paramedics will forward that information to community based programs such as PLOWS for help. PLOWS Council on Aging is a nonprofit social service organization serving individuals 60 years of age and older in Palos, Lemont, Orland, and Worth Townships.

Senior Advisory Council

The Orland Fire Protection District Senior Advisory Council (SAC) serves as a bridge between the District’s officials and the large senior population in the district in communicating health and safety concerns. SAC both communicates to seniors and brings information from seniors to the leadership of the district. The goal is to preserve life and property for seniors within the district. Rules and regulations are explained in the SAC bylaws.

The Orland Fire Protection District established the Senior Advisory Board (SAC) in 2009. SAC’s main purpose is to “identify and address specific needs of the senior residents of our district” with respect to health and safety. In general, advisory boards may perform the following tasks:

  • Studying of issues
  • Performing independent research
  • Participate in district activities
  • Educate seniors about health and safety issues recommended by staff and district
  • Analyzing the impact of policies on the senior population within the district
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees based on thoughtful and unbiased discussions from a senior perspective


The Orland Fire Protection District would like to invite senior volunteers to join the Senior Advisory Council.

Senior Advisory Council Application Form (77.4 KiB)

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