Remembrance Memorial

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The Orland Fire Protection District is honored to announce the new Firefighter Remembrance Memorial, built by Eagle Scout candidate Kyle LaHucik, which is located on the northeast corner of the Fire District’s Administration Building. Kyle is a scout in Mokena Troop 725 and is working to receive his Eagle Badge. One of many requirements is completing a service project. Kyle chose to do a firefighter memorial to remember the firefighters that gave their all to serve and protect others. The project took two years to plan, fund, coordinate, and build and includes a flag pole, a plaque honoring fallen firefighters, and a retired flag mailbox. This Firefighter Remembrance Memorial reminds all of us what firefighters do each day to protect their community and conveys the honor, dedication and passion that firefighters have in serving their community. This memorial will be used by the Honor Guard for ceremonies and other events.

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Firefighter Remembrance Memorial FlagFirefighter Remembrance Memorial Plaque