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Fire Trucks

OFPD Truck

Fire trucks are equipped with a variety of aerial ladders to ground ladders of various types and lengths that help firefighters reach fires. Fire trucks also carry specialized equipment for forcible entry, ventilation, and search and rescue tasks.

T2 | T6 | T7 | Snorkel

Fire Engines

OFPD Engine

Fire engines, also commonly known as pumpers, are equipped with a variety of hoses of different lengths and widths that pump water. This water can come from either the internal tank of the engine or other outside water sources, such as hydrants.

E1 | E3 | E4 | E5 | E7 | E8


OFPD Ambulance

Ambulances are used to deliver immediate advanced medical care to sick or injured patients and to transport these patients to the hospital.

A1 | A2 | A3 | A4 | A5 | A6 | A7 | A8

Squad Vehicles

OFPD Squad Vehicle

Because some emergencies require special assistance, squad vehicles are provided to each specialty team in order to properly aid in these special situations.

S2 |S3 | S5 | S7 | Arson | Boats

Staff Vehicles

OFPD Staff Vehicle

Staff vehicles are provided to the fire chief, battalion chiefs, and bureau supervisors.

Command | Support | Bureau

Support Vehicles

OFPD Support Vehicle

Support vehicles are provided for the in-house maintenance crews.

Building Maintenance | Fleet Maintenance | Utility