Life Safety Award

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On Thursday, October 8th, Public Education Coordinator Elizabeth “Betsy” Dine accepted a 2015 Illinois Fire Safety Alliance Life Safety Award on behalf of the Orland Fire Protection District. This award is given to an organization, department, or individual that has achieved a pattern of excellence in bringing life safety into the lives of others. The OFPD received this award thanks to the hard work that both Dine and the rest of the department put in to make the Kids Fire & Life Safety Camp a possibility as well as a huge success each year.

The Kids Fire & Life Safety Camp is dedicated to exposing school aged children to fire and life safety lessons dealing with potential hazards around their homes and schools along with several life lessons that are also important. The camp is designed to be fun, entertaining, and educational while providing the campers with knowledge to keep themselves out of harm’s way. The participants have lectures and lessons each day followed by hands on opportunities to actively participate in exercises designed to reinforce what they have been taught. For more information on the previous camp, click here.

A big thanks and congratulations to Betsy Dine, the fire prevention team, and the entire Orland Fire Protection District staff on winning this honorable award.