June Promotional Ceremony

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On June 14, 2016 Firefighter Russ Ricobene and Firefighter Brian Myhre were appointed to Engineer by Fire Commissioner Craig Schmidt. Fire Chief Schofield pointed out just how difficult, stressful and vitally important this position truly is. He was very impressed with how these gentlemen did through the testing process and cannot stress enough how important it is to have an experienced Engineer on the apparatus at all times. Whether driving an ambulance, an engine, or a fire truck, the Engineer handles a multitude of tasks on a daily basis such as: knowing the still districts and those next to you to which you respond, and the best and quickest response routes while driving safely and delivering the crew to the scene in a timely manner; daily inspection of their rig and its tools and equipment–knowing the equipment and how to operate it; positioning the fire apparatus at an incident so it will function most efficiently and to protect your firefighters; operate your pump at working fires and knowing how and when to put a supply line under power,…. just to name a few. Congratulations Russ & Brian!