Blue Card Program

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Local Hazard Zone Management

The Blue Card Program is designed to train and then certify fire department officers who serve in the role of a local Incident Commander or Incident Management Team (IMT) members (as well as current FD member who is eligible to promote/act out of class in these roles/ranks). These members supervise/manage emergency and hazard zone operations for everyday, local, and National Incident Management System (NIMS) Type 4 and Type 5 events. The programs standard and certification process is based on Alan Brunacini’s book, Fire Command 2nd Edition (originally published in 1985 and revised in 2002). This Local Command & Hazard Zone Management System has been used by 1,000’s of fire departments around the world for over 30 years. The program is structured into two segments: Training certification (On-Line: 50 hour prerequisite) and Evaluation and Testing Certification (CTC Practical Simulations 3 x 8 hour days/24 hours total).

“The Blue Card training program is a critical piece of what we do. It covers, in a pretty complete kind of way, the way that we deliver service everyday. It looks at local operations inside our communities using our resources… all the things that we work with everyday to deliver service to our customers.”
—Alan Brunacini, Retired Phoenix Fire Chief

Each student is required to receive no less than 50 hours of classroom training and instruction on the 8 Standard Command Functions and training on Incident Safety Operations. Once these 50 hours of training is complete, the student will be certified in meeting the Blue Card command training general knowledge requirements. The price of the on-line training program is currently $385.00 and is available through

To become a fully certified, local – Type 4 & 5 Incident Commander, the student must also successfully complete the evaluation and testing portion of the program. The evaluation phase of the program requires 3, 8-hour days to complete. Each evaluation session consists of running 15 to 20 fire simulations a day with brief incident reviews conducted between each simulation. Evaluation & Testing can be done through a regional command training center (CTC) facility, locally such as Orland Fire District in Orland Park IL offering the certification program ($395 tuition).