Homeland Security

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The Orland Fire Protection District has been involved with issues associated with what is now known as Homeland Security well before September 11, 2001. Today’s concept of Homeland Security can be defined in many ways. In the case of the Fire District, the topic is addressed in prevention, planning, preparedness, response, and recovery.

The very nature of a fire department is to plan for all types of emergencies. In the case of Homeland Security, a department plans for many possible events that may need to be responded to. The Orland Fire Protection District’s planning includes identifying internal resources and working with traditional and non-traditional partners. Traditionally, Homeland Security works closely with partners in law enforcement at the local level and with the local governments of Orland Hills and Orland Park. The Fire District has fostered non-traditional relationships with additional organizations like Cook County Department of Public Health, the Illinois Department of Emergency Management, the Comprehensive Healthcare Urgency Group, The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to support prevention and planning efforts.

Prevention activities can be seen throughout the Fire District’s Homeland Security efforts. The preparedness initiatives include specialized response equipment, training to respond and actions to prevent against the Orland Fire Protection District being targeted. Remaining vigilant is a difficult aspect of preparedness. Maintaining a current Homeland Security situational awareness is an integral part of the program supporting preparedness which also combats complacency.

Most people understand that the Fire District is a key element in response to a Homeland Security event. Only prevention, planning, and preparedness offer the tools required to effectively respond to an event. The Fire District’s partners in prevention and planning are vital to the successful response. Each agency offers different resources required to address the wide range of potential emergencies.

In the aftermath of a Homeland Security event, the whole of community is needed to return to normal life. The Fire District stands ready to work in conjunction with all of the agencies that may be responsible to restore our community. The Orland Fire Protection District believes that developing the relationships with organizations like the public works, water departments, and the sanitary district now is critical, not waiting until an event happens.

Not unlike any potential disaster, each household in the community should take some personal responsibility in being prepared. The Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), Illinois emergency Management Agency (IEMA), and the Federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA) have information on their websites to help you control your own health and safety.

Please visit these sites to help develop your own family plans.