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The Orland Fire Protection District operates a fire service only communications / dispatch center providing emergency medical, fire, and rescue dispatching service to the community it serves. Those same services are also provided as a contracted service to the cities of Oak Forest and Calumet City. In 2012, emergency communications dispatchers for the Fire District processed nearly 19,000 incidents for those two communities and the Fire District (Orland approximately 8400, Calumet City approximately 7000, and Oak Forest approximately 3300).

Orland Central Dispatch is the primary dispatch center for three MABAS Divisions (19, 22, and 24) covering much of the South and Southwest suburban area. At the time these Southland communities request assistance for incidents beyond their resource capability, communications are passed to Orland Central and the alerts and requests for mutual aid to that agency along with incident communications are through Orland Central. In 2012, there were nearly 300 incidents for all three Divisions that required the activation of the MABAS system for assistance through Orland Central.

As it is only one of two fire / EMS / rescue dispatch centers in the state, Orland Central is the back-up to the primary statewide MABAS Communication System operated out of Red Center in Northbrook. Activation for assets and specialty equipment/teams is done through these two centers in the event of a large incident or disaster in the State or those surrounding Illinois. Orland Central is also the back-up dispatch center for Chicago Fire Englewood (South) Communications. Orland Fire employs 11 full-time, including a supervisor, and 8 part-time personnel to operate the Dispatch Center with three staffed positions 24 hours a day.

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