Residential Knox Box Program

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Knox Box

The Residential Knox Box Program helps the Orland Fire Protection District loan out boxes to the elderly with medial call buttons and who have medical conditions that limit their mobility. The Fire District also loan these boxes out to people who have debilitating medical conditions (such as multiple sclerosis, etc.) regardless of age.

People who want a box are required to fill out an application, a medical history form, and must provide a key for their residence. (This key is locked in the Knox Box.) At this time the Fire District notes any hazards in the residence, such as oxygen tanks, and place this information in the dispatch system as a “caution note.” Family members usually install the Knox Box on the residence; however, Fire Prevention Bureau personnel will install them if requested.

This program has been very successful and is a great service that the Fire District provides to residents. The Fire District is planning on increasing the size of the program through the purchase of 20 more boxes and an increased advertising effort via website and this community outreach program utilizing several senior citizen and community organizations.