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Station 2 Renovation

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Station 2, located at 151st & 80th Avenue, was originally built in 1980. The station was commissioned to accommodate the volunteer / POC personnel, and consisted of one bay and an office / kitchen / day area. It was not intended for full-time housing / response.

As the need for service expanded, so did Station 2’s intended use with many updates being done through the years to accommodate for overnight stay and 24-hour operation. New bays were added and the kitchen/day area had been expanded as well. Because Station 2 has been reconfigured and added onto so many times, to bring the station to current code and use would simply be a short-term solution. Therefore, the Orland Fire Protection District Board of Trustees has approved a full and complete remodel of Station 2 at the June 2013 Board of Trustees’ meeting.

The project is getting underway this fall 2013, and is expected to take approximately 8 weeks.

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