Unit Commendations & Unit Citations

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Crews received awards with regard to a 9-13-14 Aspen Street house fire in which crews responded exceptionally. Battalion Chief Bonnar explained that through the coordinated efforts of an OFPD off-duty Lieutenant (Bill Leddin) and the Orland Park Police Department, along with the first arriving companies on the scene, the victim was removed from the fire within six minutes of the original call and the fire was under control in 10 minutes.

Unit Commendations:

  • OFPD Lt. Johnson
  • OFPD Lt. Merck
  • OFPD Lt. Purtill
  • OFPD Eng. Nietfeldt
  • OFPD Eng. Rivero
  • OFPD Eng. Winkelman
  • OFPD Ff. Pape
  • OFPD Ff. Zielinski
  • OFPD Ff. Candidate Postma
  • OPPD Officer Losurdo
  • OPPD Officer Schoonveld
  • OPPD Officer Staszak
  • OPPD Officer Zorbas

Unit Citations:

  • OFPD B/C Bonnar
  • OFPD Lt. Leddin
  • OFPD Lt. Schuneman
  • OFPD Eng. Nagel
  • OFPD Eng. Tufts
  • OFPD Eng. Walsh
  • OFPD Ff. Buenzow
  • OFPD Ff. Carter
  • OFPD Ff. Johnson
  • OFPD Ff. Proctor
  • OFPD Ff. Candidate Dublin