2019 Retirements

This District would like to acknowledge the following retirees to thank them for the years of service that they provided to the community:

Reeder, Randy

Retired 1/22/19
*Not Pictured*

Dutkiewicz, David

Retired 2/8/19

Leddin, Joe

Retired 2/9/19
*Not Pictured*

Ward, Chris

Retired 3/13/19

Martin, Brian

Retired 5/30/19

Merck, Sean

Retired 6/2/19

Olinski, Scott

Retired 6/2/19

Gorecki, Scot

Retired 6/3/19

Pokorny, Paul

Retired 6/3/19

Dunne, Edward

Retired 7/23/19

Turner, Daniel

Retired 8/20/19

Christ, Mary Jane

Retired 9/28/19

Marquardt, Ray

Retired 12/17/19


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