Update from CPSC on Hover Boards

To follow-up on our last safety message concerning self-balancing scooters (hover boards), we would like to provide the community with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Safety Message to Manufacturers, Importers, and Retailers of these self-balancing scooters. Please use caution and be safe.

Safety Message from the Orland Fire Protection District
Date: February 17, 2016
Re: Hover Boards

The Orland Fire District responded to a fire involving a hover board on Sunday, February 14, 2016. Fire Investigator Lieutenant Bill Leddin of the Orland Fire District met today with Allan Krasner of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is in the Investigation Phase and is trying to determine the cause of this recent fire. Investigator Krasner is conducting the investigation on behalf of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Lieutenant Leddin stated the Orland Fire Protection District is very concerned with the upcoming warmer weather and that more residents might be using hover boards for the first time that they received as gifts this past Christmas.

The residents of the recent hover board fire told Lieutenant Leddin that they knew of a potential problem, but chose to use the hover board anyway. They even talked about having water nearby. We want to change the minds of our residents. The manufacture and sale of hover boards appears to be unregulated and it is always better to err on the side of safety. The residents questioned how it could be sold on the internet if it is not safe. Unfortunately, there are items sold on the internet that are not safe. The Orland Fire District advises residents to wait on purchasing a hover board until the potential danger is identified.

If you own one currently, never charge or leave the hover board unattended in the home. Charging it in the garage is no safer than charging it in the house. Our recommendation at this time is to charge the hover board away from the home and away from combustible materials.

We want residents to know that the Orland Fire District and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are working diligently to identify the hazards associated with hover boards. Our mission is to identify those hover boards that appear to be unsafe.

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